Top Tree Removal Service In Winter Haven FL

Tree Removal Service In Winter Haven FloridaWinter Haven Tree Service is located in Winter Haven FL and provides the highest level of tree removal so you have incredible looking trees that are trimmed safely to handle the high winds and storms that accompany the summer and fall hurricane season. Since Winter Haven experiences heavy rains as well as lots of sunshine, trees are apt to grow quickly which can lead to many problems.

Having overgrown trees may cause the branches to be weak which struggle to hold up during high winds and major storms. If a branch were to give, this could lead to damage to your home and property or even nearby power lines. Choosing a company like Winter Haven Tree Service means you will have reliable tree trimming to minimize any damage.

Whether you want a dogwood trimmed or a palm tree removed, you can rely on us to provide affordable services and excellent customer care.

Why Choose Winter Haven Tree Service?

  • Josh, owner of Winter Haven Tree Service, brings 20 years of expertise into the business.
  • We are fully insured and licensed in the state of Florida.
  • We will provide you with a fast and free estimate for the job so you know the final cost for any of our tree services.
  • We offer emergency tree removal services and clean up after major storms roll through or if you experienced a fallen tree overnight.

Tree Removal in Winter Haven

Removing a tree requires a lot of skill and experience in order for it to be done safely. When our crew arrives on your property they will be able to assess the situation and create a plan to safely remove the tree from your yard. Safety is a major priority at Winter Haven Tree Service so our goal is to remove a tree without harming your home, other trees, power-lines and anything else that may be in the way. By using a series of special equipment and chainsaws, we can bring down the tree quickly and safely.

We also place a high emphasis on customer service. As a licensed and insured tree service company in Winter Haven FL, we have proven to have the skills and knowledge necessary to provide safe and professional services for your property.

Stump removal and stump grinding is a separate service than tree removal. Stump grinding involves a grinding machine that grinds down the stump until it is below ground level. Dirt, top soil and grass seed is placed on top so the area where the tree and stump were removed looks good.

Why Remove A Tree?

  • The tree has died – a dead tree can cause major problems because it is considerably weak.
  • Storm damage – wind and lightening can effectively destroy a tree.
  • Root damage – major root damage can lead to weak or dead trees.
  • Close to a structure – sometimes a tree is too close to a building or home putting the residents in harm’s way. The roots themselves may stretch and break piping or concrete.

At Winter Haven Tree Service we have the skilled and experienced professionals using some of the best equipment to provide reliable tree trimming, tree removal and stump grinding services. When you want the job done right, make sure to use a professional crew who know how to make a tree look beautiful and will help maintain your great looking property.

Call us at (863) 271-4311 to learn more about our tree removal services and why the Lakeland area and Winter Haven Florida homes use Winter Haven Tree Service for their tree care.