Professional Stump Removal In Winter Haven FL

At Winter Haven Tree Service, we provide a variety of tree services including stump removal in Winter Haven FL. Most folks think that tree removal involves the stump and are surprised to learn that the stump costs considerably more once the tree service company removes the tree. With Winter Haven Tree Service, you will never have to worry about us trying to mislead you. Our honesty and desire to provide 100% customer satisfaction ensures you know everything your services include and the final cost upon completion.

Stump grinding is a great alternative to complete stump removal. With our crew of insured and licensed professionals we will use a special machine to grind the stump down to below the ground level. This will effectively remove that ugly rotting stump from your lawn. For the portion of the stump under the ground as well as the roots, these can naturally rot away over time without you ever noticing.

Stump grinding is a safer and more affordable method compared to stump removal. By using small equipment, our crew grinds down the stump piece-by-piece so that folks will never even realize it is gone. Unless there are special circumstances, a stump can usually be grinded down within a few hours and almost always in less than a day.

Reasons For Keeping A Stump

Stump Removal Service in Winter Haven FloridaThe main reason someone wants to keep a stump is simply due to the cost for removing it. While Winter Haven Tree Service will do everything possible to make stump grinding affordable, not everyone chooses the service. Some folks who use another service prefer not to work with the company that did not tell them the stump would remain or that it would cost extra. We believe in honesty and will provide you with an estimate on tree removal and stump removal, and answer any questions you may have regarding the process. Not all tree service companies have the equipment to remove or grind a stump and will refer you to another company. We have the professional crew on-hand and the special machines to take care of stump grinding for you.

Another reason someone will keep a stump is because they just want it to rot away naturally. Using harsh chemicals speeds up the process but, depending on a few factors, this process can take 10 years or longer based on the size of the stump, the wood of the tree, and more.

Finally, some people like the idea of having a stump for decoration. It can be a charming piece when complementing other decorative ideas and the thought of leaving a stump for this purpose is common.

Stump Grinding in Winter Haven FL

Once Winter Haven Tree Service has successfully and safely grinded down the stump in your yard, our crew will then smooth out the area. You can then add top soil and grass seed to fill in this dirt patch or our team can also lay down sod where the stump used to be. This puts you on the path to having the beautiful lawn you have always wanted.

When you want a highly-skilled, insured and licensed stump removal company in Winter Haven FL, give Winter Haven Tree Service a call. We are ready to answer any questions you may have and we are eager to serve as your reliable tree service company.

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